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Hitesh Master's legacy started from Junagadh. He was born and raised in the town of Nadiad, Gujarat. His gifted talent for music has been passed on from generations, going far back to 1417 when his forefathers were designated royal singers in the Rajvi Parivar. The whole family was designated official royal singer for Junagadh Rajvi Parivar known as Rajgayaks. His forefathers were associated with the Maharaja of Gwalior since 16th century. Hitesh  has four Gurus: Ustad Rajankhan  and Ustad Bashirkhan of Dewas from Mewati Gharana whom he learned Hindustani classical music; and also learned  harmonium playing from Pandit Rambaba Petiwale and Pandit Mohan Junoir of Deshi Natak Samaj of Mumbai. One of his Pioneer gurus was his own father Vrajlal Nayak who put him under  training at the tender age of 3. Hitesh gave his first performance at the age of 6. He earned his Master degree in music from Gandharva Mahavidyalay of Ahmedabad in singing. Nayaks are known as heritage singers who learned and trained in music from their forefathers. He was also associated  in Bollywood for 12 years working with ShankarJaikishan Duo one of the greatest musicians in the Indian film Industries in during the Golden Era of Bollywood. Jaikishanji was trained in Classical Music  by his forefather Nayak Vadilal Shivram. Sangeet Kaladhar, a great music literature book was written by his forefather Raj kavi Dahyalal Shivram Nayak of Bhavnagar State in Gujarat. Hitesh Master is now based in Chicago,IL teaching and performing music.

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